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Eddy Reef (area), Australia

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July 2007. Eddy Reef is reached by boat from Mission Beach via Dunk Island. The trip from Dunk Island takes little more than one hour, the only operator (July 2007) is Calypso Adventures. The dive boat Calypso II is quite comfortable and all diving equipment can be rented there (I prefer to bring my own equipment anyway). The whole trip takes basically all day (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Mission Beach, half hour less from Dunk Island). Snacks and drinks are served on the boat. When I was diving with Calypso the sea was quite rough during the trip from Dunk Island to the reef and many of the passengers got seasick. At the reef it was calm, although the wind caused some problems for the snorkelers. Since Eddy Reef is remote from any inhabited place and only one dive boat is visiting it the reef is quite untouched with beautiful corals, sponges, lots of fish and turtles. Quite impressive are the giant clams. The two dives were quite shallow (10 and 13 m maximum depths), and the visibility was good but not spectacular (I estimate about 15 m). Mission Beach is a charming little town worth to stay a couple of days. Alternatively, I recommend Dunk Island with a well equipped resort. This resort is especially recommended for families with children.

Dunk Island
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